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Zingara massage is a professional sports and remedial massage service. Zingara is now working along side North Shore Personal Coaching in a holistic approach to maximising health and wellbeing. Together, we are committed to assisting you reach your fitness goals.



What is different about Zingara Massage?


  • At Zingara we want to help you reach your full potential


  • Your Zingara therapist always takes the time to build a customised treatment plan for you


  • You will receive a range of treatments, specifically tailored to your clinical presentation



Who can benefit from Zingara Massage?


  • Provides quality remedial massage to people from diverse walks of life - for instance sports people, musicians, office workers, home-makers and others


  • Useful for anyone who wants to improve his or her fitness


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Are you are an active sportsperson?

Would you like to improve your posture?

Or would you like to be more physically active?


Zingara Massage will help you achieve

fitness maintenance and improved well being.



A typical Zingara Massage session includes the following:

1. Full body, or specific muscle group, postural assessment.


      If necessary this will incorporate:


  • Range of motion testing
  • Strength test
  • Specific testing for syndromes, disorders, skeletal, muscular or structural diseases etc.


2.  Remedial massage treatment


3.  Follow up postural assessment


4.  Other advice ie; stretches, strengthen exercises and more


5.  Ongoing treatment plan


Zingara Massage can provide improvement in:

  • Posture
  • Pain relief
  • Injury prevention
  • The promotion and maintenance of healthy muscles


Consultation Fees


You may choose to purchase either:


1. Individual Sessions


1 hour treatment          $90

NSPC Client special    $80


2.  Five Sessions (Pre-paid)


5 x 1 hour                  $450

NSPC Client special $400


Available: Loyalty card system which rewards you with the tenth massage free




Amy is a Member of The Australian Traditional Medicine Society and the founder of Zingara Massage established 2015.  Amy’s qualifications include th following.


Certificate IV Relaxation Massage – The Australasian College of Natural Therapies

Diploma of Remedial Massage - The Australasian College of Natural Therapies

Diploma of Sports massage - ITEC

Dry Needling Level 1 & 2 - College of Eastern Medicine


I have a creative inquisitive mind.  I believe that expanding the mind is important and education is a constant in my life, whether it be learning a new skill or improving existing proficiencies.  I enjoy having a positive open minded attitude and find it creates a friendly and happy atmosphere.  I am always striving to experience and embrace new challenges.  My balanced fitness regime includes rock climbing, pilates, dance  and yoga.


I am interested in people, countries, cultures, and ancient traditional medicine. I participate in my local community, and 2015 is my fifth year as a volunteer Girl Guide Leader.  I really enjoy helping guide the next generation of women to become independent and empowered practical leaders for the future.  I am interested in nature and focus on outdoor knowledge and embracing individuality.


In 2013 I had the opportunity to engage in volunteer work in India, working for an organisation situated in the heart of the slums helping to raise awareness in young women about health and safety.  The role entailed child-care development and teaching and tutoring school children.



"Zingara Massage is


A Reflection of my commitment


to positive mind and body outcomes


For myself and for you."





Available: Monday - Friday

7:30am - 6pm


9 Alexandria Parade, Waitara NSW 2077


Phone: 02 9987 4277






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knee pain, inflamation, shutterstock 54616789
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